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  • I want a custom emblem. How much does it cost and how is the process?
    An individual emblem including mount costs: 49 euros. You can send us image files to for design or you describe your desired emblem - we will then implement it and send you a preview. If everything is OK, we will send you an order link. Do you need several emblems of the same motif? Each additional emblem with the same motif costs 15 euros including the holder. Example: You need 5 emblems (same motif) and 5 brackets. Invoice: 49.00 + 4 x 15.00 = 109.00 euros. That's 21.80 euros per emblem including bracket. For larger quantities for clubs or dealers, we will make an individual offer. The delivery time for custom emblems is between 2-4 weeks!
  • What exactly are the emblems?
    The emblems are high-quality 3D doming stickers that are glued to the Badges (available in black, chrome and red). Material: High quality print (permanently adhesive), durable, UV-cured GEL (environmentally friendly and isocyanate-free). Format33 x 43 mm.
  • Do I need a Badge?
    Yes. The emblems (3D doming stickers) are glued to a Badge and then latched into the cascade.
  • Do the emblems fit on my Vespa?
    The emblems with brackets fit all Vespa models from 1996 to today. For previous Hexagon-badged models, visit our Hexagon Shop.
  • How do I swap out the Original Emblem for a V Emblem?
    The original emblem is latched into the cascade and can be easily replaced using a suitable screwdriver or lever tool.
  • What do I do if the order does not arrive?
    We usually ship orders by regular mail no later than the next working day. From an order value of 50 euros with shipment tracking. Many customers praise the fast shipping. However, there may be delays due to various reasons. This is of course annoying. If your order does not arrive, please send us an email with your order number to:< /u>

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